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Take a look inside the world of Dior as you’ve never seen it before.


Rather than another broad overview of the couture industry, its anorexic models and its alienating aspects, Dior and I documents creative director Raf Simons‘ first Dior show, which is also his first couture show. With only eight weeks to pull of this seemingly impossible task, watch as Raf Simons’ ideas are brought to life by the hard work of the two chief seamstresses (also known as premiéres), Monique and Florence, and their army. Directed by Frédéric Tcheng, Dior and I unveils the real struggles and decisions made within the house of Dior, and how Raf tries to prove himself through his vision and hard work.

Dior and I is now in theaters, and you won’t want to miss it. Check out the trailer below:

-Nishat Baig

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