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There’s no way Yeezy was going to let Madonna have all the fun

Yesterday, Kanye West played a free show at Swan Lane in Armenia, and no one, probably not even Kanye West himself, knew what was about to happen.



Yup, and straight to Swan Lake they went, where thousands of onlookers awaited them, accompanied by countless members of law enforcement and security. Kanye went straight into it, but was having visibility and engagement issues. He didn’t feel as if he was adequately connecting with the crowd on the opposite side of the lake, so Kanye did what any logically thinking genre-defining, 21-time Grammy Award winning artist would do: jump right in.

At about the 1:03:40 mark of the above video, you can see the exact moment Kanye decided performing on dry ground wasn’t quite the aesthetic he was going for. For the record, he took the dive as he went into “Good Life,” which proved to be the perfect soundtrack.

Once Ye was semi-submerged in Swan’s waters, of course, scores of fans jumped in to join him, making for a surreal visual, especially by way of an aerial shot.


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