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An NBA ballboy at the age of 16 got the pleasure of meeting Michael Jordan up close and personal. This very brave kid did something that many of us couldn’t even transcribe and that was asking MJ for his game sneakers. Khalid Ali is his name and in 1984 he got his big opportunity.  Ali has admitted that at the time he wasn’t a very big MJ fan but knew that he would become bigger than ever one day. And he was absolutely right on the money. He was fascinated with the Air Jordan 1 shoe and says “I had never seen anything like that before, and neither have any of the other ball boys,” Ali said. He wanted the sneakers badly and knew no other way of copping a pair other than asking MJ himself for his game-worn pair.


As a Rookie MJ recieved so much attention when he came into LA to play the Lakers Ali risked it all  “My parents always told me, ‘Let them tell you no,” Ali recalled. “So I went up to Michael Jordan and I was going to let him tell me yes or no.” What was so amazing was that everything worked out for the best and MJ told Ali to meet him in the locker room after the game was over. No, he didn’t lose his job as a ballboy either. Unfortunately, MJ didn’t wear the Air Jordan 1 that game but instead wore the Nike Air Ship which he signed and dated for Ali. The kicks are now up for bids on SCP auctions and you all see what happens when you throw out some bravery. Check out the full story in the video below as Ali explains.








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