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Touchdown dances are somethings that fans love and the NFL continues to hate. Players get to celebrate a moment in the game that can effect the outcome of the final score, and the referees places handcuffs on the amount of expression that is permitted. Let’s hope that New York Giants’ wide receivers Victor Cruz and Odell Beckham Jr. are on the right side of the fence when it comes to their new dance. Cruz told the New York Daily News that AP Rookie of the Year Beckham Jr, had approached him about doing a tag-team celebration.

He wants to do a dual kind of end zone celebration between him and I,” Cruz said last week at an event to promote Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 phone. “We haven’t come up with it just yet.

Beckham also mentioned this earlier in the month as fellow wideout Ruben Randell, and quarterback Eli Manning worked out on Duke University campus. Though this seems like a full on go, fans of Cruz’s salsa won’t have to worry about this new trend replacing it.

The question is I don’t know if he wants to do it when I score a touchdown or when he scores a touchdown,” he said. “That’s the only question we really have to ask (Cruz).

As much fun as these two might have with planning on new ways to get flagged, the most important thing is to keep these two on the field at the same time. The two only played a combined 6 quarters because of various injuries to both at different points in the season. Cruz in particular is a question mark due to the patella tendon tear that costed him the rest of the season. If the two are able to stay healthy all season long, then this dance will be the next big craze in the NFL.

KingJut (@KingJut92)