One of the first people to have their name all over the five boroughs says that in the early days, there was no spray paint!

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Some graffiti writers have claimed to have been tagging up the streets since the mid to late 60s, which is something that graf legend Snake 1 didn’t even exist.

Writing your name on your desk at school or in your notebook doesn’t count,” says the experienced native New Yorker about those far reaching claims. I started in ’70 along with TAKI 183, STITCH and all those guys. By 1975, I was done and I never wrote again.”
-Snake 1

Snake 1 is one of the originators of the graf world’s famed “Writer’s Bench”, a collective of artists dedicated to curating the history and influence of NYC graffiti culture around the globe.


Check out some of Snake’s legendary pieces below.

-Sha Be Allah(@kingpenstatus)