One of the greatest shows ever just got greater

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The Wire sits in a classroom where only a handful of TV series are allowed to sit. Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, and maybe Friends. It is regarded by many to be the greatest show ever created, and for good reason. Aside from the sheer excellence of it’s plot, its influence is as far reaching as pop culture staple. From the President of the United States, to Pusha T, The Wire is held in high regard by people from all walks of life and generations.

Part of what made the show so good is how accurately it mirrored the every day quagmires street kids, kingpins and law enforcement officials found themselves in just trying to get through a day without completely f*cking everything up. Apparently, at one point, the show mirrored real life and situations a little too accurately.


David Simon, one of the principle creators of the show, told The Baltimore Sun that the police asked them to change the plot because it left them too vulnerable.

The transition from landlines to cellular technology left police investigations vulnerable well over a decade ago. At points, we were asked by law enforcement not to reveal certain vulnerabilities in our plotlines.

More specifically, walkie-talkies and Nextel phones were fairly new technology, and law enforcement hadn’t quite figured out how to regulate their usage as it pertained to their pursuit of criminal activity.