The new season has just started, and their are new alliances forming, and relationships being mended. Here’s a recap of what happened last night on Bravo’s Blood, Sweat, and Heels.

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1. Daisy has been battling cancer and going through chemotherapy, and in tonight’s episode, she was supposed  to have her last treatment, and begin her road to recovery.  However, her white blood cells were too low. As a result, her last treatment had to be postponed.

2. On last week’s episode, we met new cast member Chantelle, who was all in everybody’s business tonight. Chantelle got Geneva and Mica to sit down and work out their issues, and Mica finally got the apology from Geneva that she had been waiting for. The two ladies agreed to start over and work on rebuilding their relationship. Chantelle had a matchmaker come over, and invited all the ladies to come over in hopes of finding a man. Things took a turn when Chantelle offended Melyssa by assuming she was “giving up her goodies” to a man she has been seeing. Melyssa felt that Chantelle was coming off judgmental,  so it’s safe to say these two definitely got off on the wrong foot!


3. Geneva met up with Demetria to fill her in on the conversation she had with Mica. Demetria stuck to her guns by calling Mica weird, but is willing to have a conversation with her to see if they to can move forward as well.

4. Melyssa had a meeting with her director; since her play was a success, he wants to take it on the road. Melyssa however, wants to get back back into real estate, so she is on the fence about taking her play on tour.

It seems as though next week Mica will be back at the forefront of the drama that we know and love her for. Be sure to tune in, or check out our recap.


— Katja S