Back in August of 2012 Raekwon The Chef brought back the Snow Beach Polo jacket he rocked for the classic Wu-Tang video “Can It Be All So Simple,” back in ’94. Fast forward to April 11, 2015 live from Coachella, Raekwon debuted the remix to the classic Polo itee with his original “Linx Beach” jacket

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Wu-Tang Clan vetsRaekwon and Ghostface killed the stage at Coachella this year, performing a slew of classic joints that kept the fans with their W’s held high and bouncing along to the classic production of 90’s Hip-Hop. During the iconic performance “The Chef” displayed the remix Polo jacket, which some may say is even flyer then the original.

The remixed jacket is just plain dope!  The CL-95 features a main color scheme of blue and yellow, red LINX BEACH lettering on the front, accompanied by white lettering on the back. Some of the flyest specs about the CL-95 are the purple hood and reflective patches.

The limited edition jacket is not available as of yet, but will be soon so stay tuned…The will make sure we bring details to you soon as the vintage piece is available.