Stance Releases Uber Cool ‘Workaholics’ Themed Socks


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Just in time for the Spring, Stance releases a new three-pack of socks inspired by the critically-acclaimed Comedy Central show Workaholics. Each pair socks features a tie-dye design and member of trio — Blake, Adam and Anders —  coupled with a signature quote that perfectly fits each character. Blake dons a bear suit on his punny “Fur Sure” sock, Anders packs some heat with his “Let’s Get Weird!” sock, and Adam welcomes flexes on his “Fully Torqued” sock.


The Workaholics socks are the perfect for adding a little humor to your Spring wardrobe or music festival outfit. The three pack are available for purchase here.


You can catch Khari Clarke at Brooklyn Music Festival rocking a pair of Workaholics socks…and on Twitter (@KINGCLARKEIII).