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Popular in France for many decades, Boudoir photography is a sexy trend that has taken over as the perfect gift for your partner. While some may think this is a new thing, this elegant style of photography has been around for quite some time. Popular as a wedding day gift from a bride to her groom or a Valentine’s Day surprise. Boudoir photos are taken in a classy and tasteful manner that will put a smile on the recipient’s face for years to come. Although many Americans have misplaced the trend as taboo, women from every race and culture have embraced capturing their perfect moment in time.

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The Source spoke with famed international photographer Ricardo Andre of Ricardo Andre Studios about the Boudoir boom!

1. What made you begin shooting boudoir photography?


I was approached by Lifebooker when I was doing fashion they said my photos looked sultry and they wanted to create a different look. I noticed a lot of Boudoir stuff was very straight forward. Any woman can look like a model if the photographer inspires them to be that. Any woman can be beautiful, that’s what boudoir is. You can’t just put on lingerie and expect them to smile, you have to capture their beauty. I spent a lot of time in Paris, which is where Boudoir originated from, the French word, I didn’t know anything about it, so that’s how I got started.

2. What methods do you use to make the average woman feel comfortable in front of the camera?

My method is to tell a story. Beauty is having a story. I can capture the passion in that person’s face–that’s what makes a beautiful photo, the moment. As a photographer, you are recording a moment. First, I sit down and ask the person why they want to do this? Once you know the person’s story, as you are shooting them, you use that as your reference and they can relate to that. Women are naturally designed to be beautiful.

3. What have you learned about women throughout your career?

I remember growing up and watched my mom talk to my sister about how they should conduct themselves like a lady. You can be broke, but you want to be respected. I think it’s cultural. I’ve learned that we don’t live in world that really embraces women to be women, to be beautiful. We live in a world that really puts women on guard. They feel like they have to be more powerful like a man. 9 times out of 10 I spend a lot of time telling the woman how beautiful they are.

4. Are there any misconceptions about Boudoir photography?

In Europe, it’s not like that at all. Women’s bodies are celebrated. In Paris and London, you see commercials with women’s boobs out and it’s just more acceptable. People are becoming more accepting of Boudoir now, back then people thought it was some sort of mini porno but culturally we are embracing it more, it’s more acceptable. It’s been mentioned more in the mainstream, Sex and the City mentioned it, so it’s becoming popular here in the states. It’s something every woman should do, even though you work a 9-5, you are a woman… you are beautiful. I’ve done shoots where the women are crying when they see themselves. They may only see themselves in a ponytail everyday, but sometimes women forget that part of their true nature is to be beautiful.

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-Courtney Brown (@CourtneyBrown)