Summer is right around the corner and women everywhere are desperately trying different methods to prepare for bikini weather.

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Recently a new trend has evolved claiming to help women (and men) lose inches in their waists. Celebrities everywhere were seen sporting waist cinchers and women quickly began practicing the new trend. Not your typical tie up corset from the 1930’s, women are donning cotton or latex ‘waist cinchers’ to achieve smaller waists. Known for selling her corsets, booty shorts and form-fitting dresses, CEO of Sexy Slim Waist, Latoya Maureen explains the phenom known as ‘waist training.”

Is it possible to cinch your waist without working out but just by wearing the corset?

Yes, but I want people to get maximum results, it’s a good way to contour your waist and flush out water weight and it contracts your pores because it’s restricting it, that’s not a bad thing–boxers do it all the time. With any type of diet you want to have a mixture of a good healthy diet. That’s why I came up with a ’14-day Kickstart to your Sexy Slim Waist’ with a good friend of mine, a personal trainer. He helped me come up with a system for targeting your core. So yes you can wear it and see results but more so if you do the 14-day diet I send to every customer.

Is it possible to go overboard with waist training?

Yes. There’s people out there who wear their corsets over night. They sleep in them because they are already seeing results and they get excited. The first notch is the easiest, but then you go to the second notch you’ve already lost an inch which makes you ready to buy the next size.


How do you assure the people who purchase your waist trainers are using them appropiately?

A lot of people sell corsets, but I guide my clients and talk to them one on one. Before I was a business owner, I was a customer so I know the product, I’m really into communicating with my clients.

Is there a dangerous side to waist training?

(Laughs) You can’t be a size 18 wearing a size 10 jean, its the same idea, you’re going to hurt yourself like that because you can’t compress your organs. That’s why you it’s important to train the right way and wear the right size. The right size will not compress you like that. Some girls wear them 4 inches too small, but they still get them on, but you’re going to damage something. That’s just being honest That’s why I ask my clients, ‘What is your weight, bra size, and measure your tummy!’

Which corset do you normally suggest?

Both corsets contour and make you sweat but people prefer the latex corset because you sweat even more and lose more water weight. So most tend to choose those if they aren’t allergic to latex. The great thing about the corsets is you can hand dry them and they go right back to size. Every corset has latex in it with either cotton or nylon on the outside.

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-Courtney Brown (@CourtneyBrown)

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