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As is the norm, teenagers today are out of control. A Memphis man learned the hard way when he was viciously attacked by 30 teenagers while helping an elderly woman. According to NY Daily News, 35-year old Orrden Williams Jr. says he was helping an elderly woman get to her car when he was attacked by 30 teenagers at a gas station.

Williams says as he was going to his car, he was “sucker punched” by one of the teens. Williams three-month old baby was in the car, but not harmed. According to witnesses, the teens are from Northwest Prep Academy. The fight was caught on video by the gas station as attendants barricaded the door during the attack, and in said video, teens can be seen recording the fight. Williams claims that his body was bruised during the attack, and the cause of the fight is still unknown.


Police have however, made an arrest. 19-year old Joe Brittman was arrested at the Academy and charged with aggravated riot, simple assault and vandalism. The search is still on for Brittman’s accomplices.

– Ballah-moni Kollie (@Gottadream87)

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