Wednesday became the first online retailer in the US to offer direct flights to Cuba

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Six weeks ago became the first online travel agency to offer flights to Cuba from the US, requiring a layover in a third country in between. Now, the site has been able to work out getting direct flights to Cuba’s major airports, straight from US soil. CEO Jeff Klee stated once they began offering the services to Cuba previously, they were approached by Cuba Travel Services who were intrigued with the idea of integrating CTS’ inventory. Cuba Travel Services is a company that allows travel to Cuba by charter.

There’s a ton of interest in Cuba travel, and if it does well, we’d definitely be interested in expanding with other tour operators. In my personal opinion, within a year, anyone will be able to book a flight to Cuba as easy as anywhere else.”
-Jeff Klee

Cuba Travel Services and CheapAir worked out the logistics to be able to now provide those allowed to travel to Cuba with their accommodations, instead of going through charter services. Daily flights to Cuba will be offered through Miami International. JFK airport in New York offers flights to Havana every Tuesday, and flights between Tampa and Havana fly on Sundays and Thursdays.


If you are just looking to be a tourist in Cuba, you will still find that you cannot go just yet. When the news broke about Cuban travel restrictions being lifted, only people filling certain categories were allowed to go to Cuba – those rules are still very much in effect. Education and humanitarian workers, journalists, research industry professionals, and 9 other categories of travelers are the only ones allowed to travel to the company as of yet.

-Curt Cramer (@CurtisRemarc)