Looks as if the guys up in PDX are trying to claim the top spot

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Earlier this year, Adidas made the announcement that they will in fact, discontinue their partnership with the NBA and end their long-term apparel rights deal with the NBA according to Sports Business Daily. 

According to reports, the details state that the agreement is close and that Nike and the NBA have completed the “necessary” framework that will be presented to the league’s Board of Governors today. Now granted the agreement seems to be closing in, according to reports, there is still some groundwork left to make this partnership a reality. The deal will take full effect during the 2017-2018 season and with the Adidas partnership ending shortly before and grossing over $400 million in 11 years, Nike is expected to surpass that number.


 Also, sources expressed to Sports Business that the new uniforms will have Nike and Jordan Brand logos on the uniforms. Stay tuned as the NBA gears up to announce the plans on their new venture.

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