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A movie that will make you never want to Skype ever again



Unfriended is a horror movie that is about a group of friends who are being haunted by the ghost of a girl who is taking her revenge after these group of kids cyber bullied her and then pressured her into take her own life.  The film takes place over Skype and is through the lens of the computer screen of one of the characters, Blaire (Shelley Hennig).  Together, this group of friends has to try and stay alive and appease the ghost of a girl who simply wants revenge and wants to show this group the pain and suffering she felt while she was alive. One thing that was interesting about this film was how the audience was watching the movie through one of the character’s computer screen.  It let the audience see and hear everything that was going on with this character and how she is viewing this terrible situation she is in.  What is also does is put the audience in this character’s shoes, letting the audience feel the same horror and anticipation that Blaire is feeling while she is being haunted and terrorized.  Also, with this setting for the movie, it gives an extra sense of suspense and intensity because during the film, all of the computer programs are being manipulated, which in this case, has the audience on the edge of their seats because they do not know what is going to be happening next. Finally, the direction and production of the film is something that should be talked about.  What really worked in this film’s favor was how they made it realistic in the sense that when they characters went on Skype, the grainy and low quality images really worked to add a lot of intensity and dramatic effect, especially when the ghost attacked each person on the chat.  Also, the way the film incorporated a comedic effect when they ghost played the music from Spotify both scared the audience due to the buildup and also caused for some laughter.  Overall, this film hit many marks as a horror film and as a general movie.  For the brave people who dare to see this terrifying film, Unfriended hits theaters on April 17, 2015.