Not your typical parent-teacher conference

34-year old Anna McKenzie has been arrested after she and her niece, a teenager, allegedly beat and stomped a teacher until she was unconscious at a Long Island middle school on Wednesday.

According to the New York Daily News, McKenzie stormed into the school around 2 p.m. and confronted Catherine Engelhardt, whom McKenzie says “put her hands on” her daughter earlier that day. Just outside a classroom, Mckenzie put the 22-year old veteran of the school into a headlock, shoved her to the ground, and began punching and kicking her. Several students soon joined in, including McKenzie’s 14-year old niece Engelhardt was unconscious for “several minutes.”

According to another teacher, Elias Mestivo, the daughter called her mother from the school, and shortly after, McKenzie was on the premises, wreaking havoc on Engelhardt.

McKenzie was arraigned Thursday on assault charges, and her niece, 14, will be charged as a minor.