The rise of Mayweather chronicled in first piece of mini-doc.

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Over the past few years, high profile bouts would have a three part documentary piece which showcases the daily lives of the fighters. HBO has 27/7 and Showtime with their own All Access series. These mini-docs serve the ultimate purpose of promoting each fight, bringing fans closer to the participants. HBO and Showtime have long been major rivals in the boxing world, but the two broadcast giants partnered in order to bring the monumental Floyd MayweatherManny Pacquiao to fruition on May 2nd.

When the fight was announced in February, many rumors flooded the web in regards to whether either network would air their documentary pieces, which have now become staples in boxing. Some sources stated that there would be no pre-fight build up needed with the magnitude of such a fight. Today, the doubters have been proven wrong as 24/7 and All Access have been canned momentarily in favor of a production titled Inside Mayweather vs. Pacquiao.


For episode one, the series documents the rise of Floyd Mayweather. From his days training under the tutelage of his father Mayweather Sr in Grand Rapids, MI, to losing a controversial decision in 1996 Olympic games, his rise to stardom is thoroughly covered. The more compelling segment was his transition from “Pretty Boy” Floyd to who we now know as “Money Mayweather.” Check out the first episode above, which features cameos from New England Patriots QB Tom Brady and ABC’s Katie Couric.

Rocko thinks Floyd will emerge the victor. – @Rocko_CNK