On the latest episode of Bravo’s Blood, Sweat, & Heels, it’s New York City Fashion Week….and time for drama.

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Melyssa went on a blind date she met on a match making site. She’s hoping to meet the right guy, and start a family. He was easy on the eyes, but didn’t have stimulating conversation. Needless to say, there won’t be a second date for him.

Arzo is working a lot due to Fashion Week. She helps independent designers launch their brands via her sales showroom. Her boyfriend, Yestirday, surprised her with flowers. Mind you, Arzo is 36 and established; her boyfriend is a 27 aspiring singer. She says she’s with him for the man he’ll be, not what he can do now.  Let’s see how long they’ll last.


Daisy normally covers Fashion Week and does six to seven shows, but due to her illness, she isn’t able to work as frequently. She covered just one show, Michael Costello’s, a famous designer who has worked with Beyoncé. Daisy and Demetria met up for coffee, and they caught up like old times. They still have to have a serious discussion to have as to why their friendship went sour. This was a great start for their friendship.

Geneva is currently freelance writing for various magazines. She covered an exclusive look at designer Byron Lars’ collection for Vogue Italia. Her week started off great, and ended horribly. Geneva had an argument with a cab driver, and felt she was overcharged for her fare.  She called the cops, and it was her who wound up spending the night in jail.

Mica is in preparation for her Mica Pop Runway show. It’s a flash mob style fashion show. She had trouble finding models, and even more trouble keeping them. Only seven out of the 12 girls showed up for the show. After all the mishap, it came together as best as it could, given the circumstances. It wasn’t received warmly by all the other girls, but the crowd was definitely shocked and seemed entertained. Mica was happy with the outcome.

Chantelle’s brother and sister-in-law came to visit her. At Mica’s show, she shared the news of Geneva’s arrest. Arzo and Melyssa found great humor in this; that didn’t sit well with Chantelle. After the show, they had touchy words for each other. Arzo was called an Afghan hound. Chantelle says she said it to make fun of Arzo’s looks, not her ethnicity, but Arzo feels differently.

The newbies are bringing the drama this season. Chantelle can hold her own, and Arzo is a firecracker. Next week, more of the ladies will voice their opinion on Geneva’s run-in with the law.  Geneva feels she was racially profiled, but not everyone agrees with her.

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Amari B. (@msdivanewz)