Now that the weather has officially warmed up, it’s time take off the layers, and get into cute summer wear.  As women we all love a nice crop top, dresses, and shorts, so here are a few fitness tips you can try in the comfort of your own home to make sure your body is in great shape.

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1.  Squats are the best workouts your legs can get, because you’re working every part of your leg. Jump squats are highly effective because you’re getting that heart rate up, while burning calories and toning those legs at the same time.

2.  Stomach/abs are the focal point when you’re in a bikini, and even if you don’t want abs, a toned tummy is nice. There are several different ab workouts you can do, but my personal favorite are planks. Planks allow you to tone the both the top and lower part of your core, whereas some ab excerises focus on one or the other. You get down and hold yourself in push up position, while resting on your forearms. Hold for between 20 to 30 seconds (or as long as you can) and repeat three to four times. Doing planks works out your stomach and arms at the same time. A little tip to keep your mind off of how long you’re in the plank position is to do it in between commercials while watching your favorite TV show or putting on some good music.


3.  Toned arms always look great, and a simple at home exercise you can do is push ups. Yes, push ups are traditional, but they allow you to use your own body weight. Push ups focus on your arms, shoulders, and chest, so you’re working out three key components at once.

Working out is important, but so is your nutrition.  We all love to eat, but remember:  Everything in moderation.

Try these exercises to get you summer body ready, and please remember consistency is key in order to achieve results.

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