David Morin’s mellow vocals are a sharp juxtaposition for a complexly-themed record and video.  

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You can find him beatboxing, singing on the streets, or even playing the guitar with his seven piece Soul Funk band.  Wherever you find him, you’ll find yourself captivated by the numerous talents of multi-faceted musician David Morin.  After spending years on the Vancouver scene and beyond, perfecting his craft(s), the neo-soul singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist will finally be releasing his highly-anticipated debut album, Every Colour, this summer.

His smooth and soulful sounds are the voice of the people, echoing grittier, more pressing topics usually reserved for rappers, like protest, justice, and catalyzing social change.


Morin shot to Internet stardom last month, when his lead single “Life Goes On” was released, garnering critical acclaim from the blogosphere, music magazines, and even music mogul Russell Simmons.  The record first stood out on Simmons’ artist-centric music discovery platform, ADD52, which is a partnership with Universal Music Group and tech giant Samsung.

Simmons’ All Def Digital is now premiering the video as part of their artist accelerator platform, The Signal.

The extremely well done video for “Life Goes On” brings the uplifting song to life, allowing the listener to engage in a multi-sensory process that compliments the hidden nuances of the record, inviting them on a short journey through the human experience.

“The video for ‘Life Goes On’ is really about the boy; a young Cree member navigating his hometown of Kahnawake.  I’m actually a quarter Metis, but that’s the subtle link between the two of us. At the start of the video, he’s visibly concerned, but he explores, he dances, he lights fireworks–he sheds the weight of whatever was holding him down by using his imagination, and tackling the experiences his immediate world has to offer.  That’s what ‘Life Goes On’ is about.  Yeah, it’s hard sometimes, but you can only count on yourself to discover all the things life has to offer. So, even though the video only shows the contrast between my experience and the boy’s, it’s the universal message of positivity through adversity that I think translates to the viewer, the listener, to anyone.”

Watch the premiere below, and see why Morin is indeed posturing himself to be “the next big thing in music.”