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And it don’t stop…

Young Thug announces new album, Carter 6. His label, 300 Records, unveils the artwork for the album, which features the words Carter 6 covering up a naked Young Thug’s crotch. Lil Wayne denounces Thug’s music at a show. Thug announces he’s getting sued by “f*ck n****s.” The album’s name changes to Barter 6. Thug reveals plans for a release show in Lil Wayne’s hometown (Hollygrove, New Orleans) on Instagram.


And here we are.

That’s just the tail-end of the series of unfortunate events leading up to today’s update in the Lil Wayne-Young Thug saga, which involves Lil Wayne telling Young Thug to, well, suck his, erm…you know, during one of his Release Partiez shows in Columbus, Ohio over the weekend.

Carter V coming soon; ain’t no motherf–kin’ such thing as Carter 6. And anytime ya’ll book them b*tch ass n****s to come up in this motherf*cka, before they say one word, tell them, ‘Tunechi said, “Suck my d***.’

This won’t end, especially as long as Lil Wayne is suing Birdman and Cash Money for over $50 million.


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