Monday night was the premiere of Love and Hip Hop:  Atlanta, and it looks like this season will be turnt!  Here’s a recap of what went down.

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1. Mimi and Stevie J are back in a good place, and are in business together. We were introduced to new face, Tiffany Foxx, who is a recording artist that Mimi has on the MF Management roster. Joseline Hernandez was noticebly absent from the premiere episode. Stevie said she took some time away to deal with everything that was going on. Niko and Mimi are no longer on good terms;  however, she has to deal with him because she signed a three book deal that entitles him to 25%. We finally got the chance to meet Niko’s wife, Margeaux, who he wants to move to Atlanta. Although Niko and his wife have an open marriage, she is upset that he made a sex tape, so she needs time to think about it.

2.Erica and Lil Scrappy are back fighting because he is almost $50,000 behind in child support. Surprisingly, Erica and Momma Dee are cool after all the drama they had in the past; things have changed. Scrappy and Bambi are back together, and going strong, but Momma Dee is still not feeling “the bambi,” as she calls her, lol.


3. Rasheeda and Kirk have bounced back after have some serious marital troubles last season. Their marriage is back on track and going strong, but that might change when Rasheeda finds out he has rented an apartment without telling her. Kirk is also working with a sexy new client Ashley Nicole that Rasheeda knows nothing about.

4. Karlie Redd and Dawn introduced us to Jessica “Dimepiece,” who is a retired stripper from the King Of Diamonds in Miami.  Jessica “Dimepiece” says she and Joseline used to be friends waaay back in the day. Since she has been reaching out to Joseline with no response, she thinks she may feel threatened by the fact that they both do the same thing.

Love and Hip Hop:  Atlanta has added a cool new 30 minute segement that will air every week after each episode. The live show is called Love and Hip Hop After Party Live, hosted by Big Tigger, where fans get to interact with the cast, and ask questions about the episodes.

Be sure to check out our recap every week for all the drama that you missed; this season looks like it’s going to be EPIC!

Katja S