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For many African-American women, the journey from childhood to adulthood is peppered with hair care horror stories as many experiment with thermal and chemical processes to change their natural hair texture to a more socially accepted straighter form.  One little girl shared her woes in a self-authored comic book called The Adventures of Moxie Girl.  

If you believe in reading to or with your children (which you should), check out the comic book,  The Adventures of Moxie Girl at your local library or bookstore.  The author is 7-year old Natalie McGriff and her comic book sprung from the grief many little Black girls experience while trying to make their coiled hair manageable.  The protagonist and super hero is “Moxie Girl,” who gets super powers from a magic shampoo she uses.  Moxie Girl rocks Afro puffs, promotes literacy, and defends Jacksonville, Florida public libraries from scary monsters.

Consequently, The Adventures of Moxie Girl won first place in Jacksonville’s 2015 One Spark Festival fundraising event earning Ms. McGriff over $16,000.00.



Doprah No Filtah is all about promoting beauty acceptance.  It only comes second to her love of underground hip hop.  Follow her on Twitter @SNSNightlifeMag.