18-year-old Daria Rose of Long Island has a happy ending in her future. She and her family lost all of their possessions in 2012 in Hurricane Sandy. She’s now preparing for one of her greatest comebacks ever!

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ABC News Reports:

After a tumultuous high school experience, Long Island senior Daria Rose has a bright future ahead of her: The 18-year-old applied to seven Ivy League colleges and has been accepted to each one of them. But when Rose was a sophomore, her world turned completely upside down. Hurricane Sandy hit in October 2012, forcing her family to evacuate their beloved home in Baldwin. The house was then completely destroyed by fire. Rose said she lost all of her belongings in the fire, including clothes, furniture, makeup, jewelry and pictures.


“My mom and my dad and my family, they made me realize what was important,” she said. “Stuff is just stuff. What is important is your health, education, your family.” For a college application essay, Rose wrote about her Hurricane Sandy experience. When it came to college preferences, Rose said she had always leaned towards Yale. She decided to apply to seven of the eight Ivy League colleges, and on March 31, all the schools posted their decisions online.

“I went home and checked Harvard first, and then Princeton, and then Brown … and as they kept coming in I was just astonished. I couldn’t even breathe,” Rose said. “It was an amazing moment.” “I couldn’t believe it,” she added. “I thought I’d get in maybe one or two.” And now Rose has a big decision ahead of her.

Congratulations to a shining star!

-Courtney Brown (@CourtneyBrown)