Baseball is dying, LITERALLY!

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Chris Rock is speaking out about the lack of black players in baseball. On Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, Rock discussed the history of black MLB players, the misnomers of why black kids don’t play, and what is going to happen to baseball if they do not fix this problem. According to the league, only 8.3% of players on 2014 opening day rosters identified themselves as African-American or black. The highest percentage of African-Americans in the majors, according to research by Mark Armour of the Society of American Baseball Research, was 19% in 1986.

“Back then almost 20% of all major leaugers were African American, and I could actually have converstations about baseball with other black people. ‘Whats up man you see the game last night, yea it was great.’ Now if I say to a black person, ‘Hey you see the Mets’ game last night they say, ‘What the f@#k is a Met.'”

Rock makes some strong points about what baseball needs to do to fix the problems that baseball currently faces. Let us know what you think about Rock’s Point of View.


King Jut (@KingJut92)