Medgar Evers College to host literary conference highlighted by a speech by internationally renowned entertainment lawyer and publisher, L. Londell McMillan

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Tomorrow at 9 AM, Medgar Evers College will open its doors to the public for its First Annual English Department Conference. The series of workshops, talks and readings will include programming centered around spoken word, Hip-Hop, popular media, law, and how they interpolate on several different levels, showcasing the importance of English studies at a collegiate level.

The Source’s Chairman, L. Londell McMillan, will deliver the conference’s keynote address, “Words, Media and Law,” at 1:15 PM tomorrow (April 24). Mcmillan’s career has spanned several decades, and platforms. He has represented the likes of Michael Jackson, Prince and Stevie Wonder, not to mention media entities such as The New York Times and Radio One. In 2008, he took over as The Source‘s owner and publisher, and has helped the internationally renowned Hip-Hop culture publication successfully transition into the digital age.


Prior to McMillan’s address, the conference will shift to a segment which focuses on some of the important indie and underground movements that broke into the mainstream and made an impact. Namely, Bronx DJ Mr. Len, Louis Flores, and Todd Craig, who have done everything from break several artists as both a DJs and radio personalities, and they’ve enjoyed  success at positions such as guest blogger for The Atlantic, publishers of Hip-Hop pedagogy research and originators of production styles still being used by today’s greats.

Come out tomorrow, and enjoy an enriching literary experience provided by Medgar Evers College.