Ashton Kutcher was probably laughing at Justin Timberlake thinking the government was seizing his property in this picture

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A lot of your favorite shows from “back in the day” are being revived, and BET has joined the party, announcing their plans to bring back Punk’d. 

The show was originally hosted by Ashton Kutcher, in which he pranked celebrities like, BeyonceDrake, and many more. The show’s original network MTV attempted to bring the show back in 2012, but that revival was short-lived.


We’re not too sure if Ashton Kutcher will still be the host, but according to BET, everyone that will be a part of the project will be “tailored” to the audience, which sounds like a veiled way of saying they’re searching for a Black host.

As soon as details on the show’s air date are made available, we’ll have an update.

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