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T-Pain just released his brand new documentary, Bigger Than Pain, directed by Sher Toor and executive produced by Lee “Q” O’Denat and WorldstarHipHop Films.

Bigger than Pain documents Pain on his I am T-Pain Tour in Europe, and his preparation for reemergence into music. World Star Hip Hop followed Pain for two weeks in 2014.


When asked what does he wants people to get out of watching Bigger than Pain? T-Pain states that he feels like people still doesn’t know him yet, and [the film] will give more insight and perspective on him as an artist. He says “he’s much more humble than people believe.”

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Often, the misconception of Hip-Hop artists is that all they do is smoke weed, drink alcohol, and are surrounded by countless women. However, in this film, you will find this is contrary to T-Pain, who prefers to sit in solitude to “collect this thoughts” prior to hitting the stage to perform. He hopes that the documentary will “shed light on the industry, that its not all about the groupies and partying.”  He doesn’t travel with a large entourage, and doesn’t have twenty people on stage with him as he performs.

Starring in the documentary alongside Pain is his artist Vantrease, and DJ Montay, who spoke highly of Pain’s work ethic and determination. He also said that when World Star Hip Hop contacted him with this idea he told them that his “life is boring,” and wasn’t too keen on the idea. Pain is the consummate perfectionist and it shows, for him it’s all about the music and that’s all its ever been about. Example: He can be seen in the film visibly upset with the outcome of a performance, and seen rants, quite emphatically:

This is it for me…I can’t do nothing else, cuz this is all I know! I dropped out of school in the eighth grade, ain’t nobody gonna give me a job.

He strives get better and do better, and throughout the film you’ll see that Pain is his own biggest critic.

The 2-time Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter, and producer confirmed that he will be dropping an album later this year.  The tentative date for the album, Stoicville: The Phoenix, is September 30th. That is if he doesn’t “start [the album] over again,” something he admits could very much happen. Stoicville is a weighty title: it represents where T-Pain feels he is in his career. According to Bigger than Pain, Stoicville means new beginnings, a new life, and rising from the ashes.

The “Let Your Hair Down” singer also confirmed the reason his Aaliyah collaboration, “Girlfriend,” was pulled off his The Iron Way mixtape The song will be on an upcoming Aaliyah album titled Aaliyah X. So far, the confirmed collaborations for T-Pain’s fifth studio album are his Nappy Boy artist Vantrease [formerly of R&B group One Chance] and Chance the Rapper.

-Victoria B. (@unabashedlytorib)