This Super Bowl champ is ready to introduce the world to NinjaWave, the music app that’s ready to sack Tidal, iTunes and Spotify out of the music sharing game

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The Source was able to catch up with one individual who is ready to take the world by storm. Meet Walter Thurmond III. Walter is a 27 year old cornerback who recently signed with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Super Bowl champ is ready to make some hard hitting plays in the music industry. The former Seahawks CB has created a exclusive music-sharing project that he is 110% sure will take over the music sharing game. Here’s what he had to say about the app.

“The name of the project I’m ready to release called NinjaWave. It’s a lifestyle brand that gives people the opportunity to share and connect anywhere.”

The Source: What gave you the inspiration to come up with this new project?


WTIII: There was a couple acquisitions that were able to take place last year that sparked interest and sparked the thought process of the possibilities of what can come from it. By doing some research and finding out that there isn’t anything like this out there and to really trying to figure out what’s the best way to get this out. I sat on it for some months, was able to meet some neutral friends that Jay & Carl (business partners) knows. We were able to sit down, organize  a conference call, which led to a deal and to become partners.

The Source: With the invention of this project, how does it stand out compared to the other music sharing/music tech projects like Tidal, iTunes or Spotify?

WTIII: It’s not even on a level of those softwares, it’s a totally different platform and totally different idea that’s never been seen before from a sharing capacity. It is able to connect people around the world.

The Source: Congratulations on your new 1-year deal with the Eagles, what can the good folks in Philly expect from you contributing to a impressive defensive squad?

WTIII: Competitor.The eagerness of wanting to be great. The mission is to win the Super Bowl and I think it will be great to bring the city their first championship. I think Coach Kelly is making the right moves to be able to make that happened. To be a Super Bowl champion, defense wins championships and I think he has been able to formulate that team and it’s going to be a exciting year.

The Source: Who is on your playlist you love to listen to while you get ready for kickoff?

WTIII: Nas, then you have Jay-Z, E-40, you know it’s just a bunch of different guys depending on my mood. I listen to Miles Davis whenever I like to change it up so it’s whatever the mood I’m feeling in that moment. You have a playlist for various games, situations, and stuff like that. It’s just a mash up of stuff that I love to listen to.

The Source: If there was a rapper or musician that’s out now, who would you compare your playing style to? Why?

WTIII: I’ll probably say Nas. You know, from when he came and dropped Illmatic being so young and from the lyrical standpoint, just not caring what other people saying about him at the time. No matter who was in his lane, he was going to come out and be the best. He was able to show that and that’s the same mentality I’ve had since I came into the league.

NinjaWave will be debuting in 2016, fans should have enough time to enjoy Tidal, Spotify and iTunes before they’re all hit with some Super Bowl competition.


Omari White