Sandler allegedly offended a bunch of people while filming a new movie

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Adam Sandler is currently filming a new movie for Netflix, a western-themed flick called The Ridiculous Six, but he’s encountered a bit of a roadblock. While filming in New Mexico, a reported dozen or so of the Native American actors walked off the set due to some offensive content in the film’s script.

Sandler is known for being crass with some of his material. In fact, it’s part of what’s made him successful. Outside of Will Ferrell, there may not be a more successful 21st century slapstick comedy enthusiast. However, that understandably comes with a price. A draft of The Ridiculous Six’s script has been unearthed, and thanks to Cinema Blend, we have some of the moments that may have sparked the actors’ walk-off.


1) Sandler’s character, Tommy, aka Three Knives, a white man raised by Native Americans since childhood is married to a woman named Smoking Fox. A recurring joke refers to her “sweet zum-zum.”

2) A female character named Beaver’s Breath, is propositioned by a male character, asking, “Hey Beaver’s Breath.” To which she responds, “How did you know my name?”

3) A “sexy” female character named No Bra (originally named Sits-on-Face in the 2012 script), is depicted crudely squatting to urinate behind a teepee while stereotypically lighting up a peace pipe.

4) Will Patch (Will Forte) propositions Sits-on-Face by asking her, “How about after this, we go someplace and I put my peepee in your teepee?”

5) Cicero (Danny Trejo) interacts with Sits-on-Face by calling her “Strawberry Tits,” to which she indignantly corrects him, saying “I am Sits-on-Face.” Cicero responds, “Well, then I’m Stiff-in-Pants!”

6) There are numerous instances of crudely-punned pseudo Native American names like Five Hairy Moles, One Eyebrow, and Four Pickles.