Ladies, getting your nails done can get very expensive. I did research to gather some tips on keeping your tips looking right from world’s most popular beauty experts. In an effort to make sure these tips are legit, I tried them at home as well, myself, and yes, they do work.  Here are a few great nail tips to help you create a professional look at home for a cheaper price.

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1.  Drying your nails– If you are trying to dry your nails without any quick drying products at home, dip your painted nails in a bowl of ice water to help them dry quicker.

2. Olive Oil– To avoid the mess that polish can leave when painting your nails, rub a little olive oil around them first to make removing a excess polish easier.


3. Matte Look– To achieve a matte look at home without the matte look top coat, use steam. While cooking something like soup or simply boiling water, put two coats of polish on.  Place your nails over the steam coming from the water for a few seconds, and then watch your nails, as they will have a matte look.

4. Chipped Nails– There is nothing worse than getting your nails done, only to have them chip not too long after. In between sessions, you want to keep them looking good, too; here’s is a tip on how:  Use textured nail polish as opposed to regular polish, because it’s supposed to look uneven, so your nails continue to look good.


Be sure to try any of these nail tips and post your pictures on instagram. Tag us @hersource so we can see how these useful tips have helped you.

Katja S