Her Source | This Gray Hair Trend…Slay or Nay?


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PSA – If this is your first time seeing the new fad, please don’t immediately try it at home; get a few opinions first.

Let’s be clear here, singer Pink has been pulling off the gray/silver hair since her “So What” days, but lately it seems like the trend has gone viral. Women who dye their hair gray are in no way intending on aging themselves, but instead taking a step in the high fashion direction. From weaves, faux dreads, to short cuts, this new look is one of the top of the coolest things to do to your hair in 2015. Personally, I think someone accidentally ruined their platinum blonde dye and went with it, but like any other fad, it’s important to know what works for who and when, so lets evaluate.

Here are some celebrities that dyed gray, was it a slay or a nay?