The Freddie Gray protests have unfortunately taken a turn for the worst

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On April 19, an unarmed man taken into police custody for reasons that have yet to be made clear–Freddie Gray–died from injuries sustained while he was in said police custody a week prior. To this day, the police and the sheriff’s department have yet to provide viable explanations as to how a man that was perfectly healthy prior to his arrest, could sustain injuries referred to by medical examiners as the type caused by “a serious car accident,” during a routine arrest.

Today, following Gray’s funeral, protests took place through the streets of Baltimore involving supporters of Freddie Gray, his family, and individuals wishing for a fair and just investigation into the matter. Unfortunately, the situation has turned into a violent one in certain parts of the city, with riots erupting in select parts of the city, and civilians have taken to throwing glass bottles and other objects at patrol cars and armored police vehicles.


CNN has a live feed into the situation in Baltimore right now, with reporting and commentary from Wolf Blitzer for those that have access to CNN Go.


According to NPR, several police officers have been injured.