Love & Hip Hop is back with all the shenanigans that made us love the show since the very first season. From side chicks to side apartments, here are the Source’s top moments of Season 4 Episode 2!

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1. Stevie J approaches Nikko to discuss Mim’s book deal and it doesn’t go well. After jumping at each other and trading insults. Stevie promises this isn’t the last Nikko has heard from him. Watching these 2 are similar to watching a WWF wrestling preview.

2. Kirk‘s new artist Ashley mentions a new Buckhead Atlanta office and Rasheeda enlists Karlie Redd to help her dig for clues. Of course messy Karli Redd finds the lease and Rasheeda puts her plan into action. When will Rasheeda learn that Kirk just can’t get it right?


3. Momma Dee introduces us to her ex-husband that she sent to jail. Apparently Otis stole meat from a charity Scrappy held and sold the meat for profit. Momma Dee called the cops and he was arrested with drugs on him and spent 7 years in jail. Now Momma Dee wants to rekindle their relationship. These 2 are going to be the ones to watch.

4. During a game of golf, Yung Joc reveals to Kirk that he has 8 children by 4 women. Kirk isn’t far behind with 6 kids and 4 grandchildren. Clearly there is something in the water in ATL, everyone ends up pregnant!

5. Mimi meets up with Nikko to discuss the book contract and Nikko informs her that he own’s 25% and he also has some secrets about her that he will leak if she doesn’t comply. What will Nikko reveal that we don’t already know?

6. Khadijah decides to take Yung Joc on a shopping spree because she’s a boss and let’s us know that she can afford to take care of herself and a man. She also wants to assure that they are in an exclusive relationship. She’s not like the rest of these gold diggers. Poor Khadijah. Denial isn’t just a river in Africa.

7. Next we meet the mother of Yung Joc’s twins, Sina and makes it clearly obvious these two are still together physically. Wonder what KD will think about this after her shopping spree?

8. Stevie J fails his drug test and breaks the news to his crying wife Joseline and his tear-eyes daughter Eva. Hopefully Stevie and Joseline can get it together because they keep us watching.

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-Courtney Brown (@CourtneyBrown)