Ali’s listening Floyd, and he says the top spot is still his

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During an “All-Access” segment with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, Floyd Mayweather admitted that while he has respect for Muhammad Ali and other great fighters that came before him, no one will ever get him to admit that he’s not the best to ever do it.

Furthermore, when TMZ ran into George Foreman a few days later, he conceded the top spot to Mayweather, claiming the current-day crop of boxers are “smarter, stronger, and overall better fighters,” pretty much agreeing with Mayweather’s perspective, and even throwing some support behind some of Floyd’s contemporaries, like Manny Pacquiao, whom Floyd will square off with on Saturday.


Regardless of public opinion, Muhammad Ali’s not having it. He took to Twitter to remind everyone that he is, and will always be, the greatest.