Every single thing you have ever searched for productive, unproductive, work related, school related, every letter strung together to form your search can now be downloaded and printed out thanks to Google

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The newly added feature was released by Google in January of this year.  Nearly 5 months since the conception of the beast that could mess with a lot of peoples lives if they are not careful, the ability to download your entire Google search history is another invasion into people’s personal lives that were once respected.

Google has also added a more inept agreement policy, with a bit more language added and a few warnings.  Google stresses that users read all of the terms before fallowing through, its “not the usual yada yada.”  They advice against using a public computer to download your dirt,  if you do read all the terms about cloud storage and usage.


To download your search history, simply sign into your Google account, go to the Google Account History page, from there click the gear icon and download.  After you hit download Google then sends you an email with a link with the content, which is then transferred to Google drive and made into a zip file.  Grab the popcorn and enjoy your travel back through time.


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