It’s been 10 years — 10 long years since the conclusion of the Dragon Ball franchise, which was marked by the finale of Dragon Ball GT back in November 2005. Since then, Funimation has released several Dragon Ball movies and even the Dragon Ball Z Kai series, which is an amended version of the entire series — but the fans wanted more. Now it seems, that is exactly what they will get.

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It’s officially been announced that a new series, Dragon Ball Super will begin airing this July on Fuji TV in Japan. Details on the show, as far as plot, characters, and the like are scarce thus far. What we do know is that the series will take place after the defeat of Majin Buu, and before the Dragon Ball GT series, and according to Fuji TV producer Osamu Nozaki “an enemy even stronger than Buu or Frieza may appear…” which couldn’t sound more promising. Additionally, the father of the Dragon Ball franchise, Akira Toriyama, will lend his expertise on the new series.

As far as the series reaching us westerners, there’s no word on if or when that will occur, but chances are with the popularity of the series in North America, we should be hearing about it heading stateside in no time. And if not — the internet is your friend.