U.S Defense Secretary Ash Carter is disclosing a new defense strategy for the US to fend off cyber attacks

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After receiving a copy of the new strategy unveiled by the Department of Defesne, Reuters reports that the Pentagon will be actively using cyber-attacks to defend against foreign threats.  The move comes after several attacks that penetrated both US government and corporations by several key countries last year, and the decision to go public with the matter is in hopes of deterring attacks according to the documentation.

Countries cited specifically come at no surprise: North Korea, Russia, and China; all who have allegedly made attempts at hacking high priority cyber infrastructure in the US as of recent.


For a few years now, it has become apparent that both the alleged attackers and the US are receiving blame for hacking into each respective countries’ systems.  China, for one, has been adamant in publishing several pieces claiming that the US has maliciously attacked their cyberspace, while the US has cited their own evidence to such.  Neither side has divulged any specific nature of their actions.

In December, many will recall the allegations that North Korea attacked the mainframe of Sony Pictures, disabling their entire system for an extended period of time.  It was figured that this move came due to the anticipated release of the the fictional comedy, The Interview.

This is not the only move made by the US this year, earlier in the month President Obama penned an executive order allowing the cabinet of the executive to issue sanctions against any foreign actor hacking US cyberspace.  Much like the DoD’s newest strategy, the move was also made to deter hackers from committing to such action.

the Defense Secretary said while speaking to interviewers flying with him to California the strategy “will be useful” in showing “the world…we’re going to protect ourselves”.


-Curt Cramer (@CurtisRemarc)