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An argument between two women in the parking lot of Green Acres Mall in Long Island went from 0-100, real quick.

A video posted to Facebook, and shared by the Nassau County Police Department, shows a woman being thrown to the ground, and jumped on by another woman.


In the video, it shows a woman literally sitting on top of the 49-year old victim, who was getting hit in the face as she laid on the floor. All over a parking space. The victim tried to park in the parking spot in the mall, but saw a man standing in the parking spot. He was apparently holding the parking spot for someone else.

Police say the victim parked into another parking spot but then got into a verbal argument with the other driver  about the original spot. She then tried to walk toward the mall when the other women dragged the victim onto the ground and persistently punched the lady in the face.

The victim refused medical attention at the scene, and other people can be seen in the video merely bystanding, not offering any help towards breaking up the altercation.

Police are now looking for those involved in the attack.