Six officers from the Baltimore Police Department have been charged with homicide in the death of Freddie Gray

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Today, prosecutors made an unexpected announcement when a statement was issued that they had probable cause to believe that the death of Freddie Gray was cause unlawfully by six Baltimore Police officers.

State attorney Marilyn J. Mosby said in a news conference that Gray’s spinal cord injury could quite possibly have been caused by officers’ repeat abuse after arresting him with no provocation.


“We have probable cause to file criminal charges.”

Mosby says that the knife that the police were saying that Gray was carrying was not a switchblade and therefore legal. As she announced the charges of murder and manslaughter, the crowd at the War Memorial in Baltimore cheered where violent protests had occurred for over a week.

Ms. Mosby also announced that arrest warrants were issued for the officers’ arrests’, however, she ays that she doe not know if any of them are in custody as of yet.

Here’s a full list of the charges filed against the officers.

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