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             “Greatness Is Not Guarding Yourself From The People, Greatness Is Being Accepted By The People.”

That is one of just many things Mike Tyson said in 1 minute and 38 seconds as The Undisputed Champion Network crossed paths with Mike in the lobby at the MGM Grand yesterday.


Mike was asked who he thinks will win the upcoming mega fight and he answered with “I think it will be a good fight, I thinks it won’t go the distance and someone is going to get knocked out.”  At first inkling, Mike chose Pacquiao, it is then that the interview took a bit of a turn.

When Tyson gets asked about Mayweather’s claim that he is better than one of the greatest ever Muhammad Ali, Iron Mike said “He’s very delusional.”  He then goes on to speak about Mayweather’s personal life, while also finishing his rant saying that Floyd is “A very small, scared man.”

Watch the video above for the whole entertaining video.