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 LAPD refuses to release the footage of them beating Clinton Alfred Jr

You’re riding your bike down the block and the cops creep up along side you. They begin to ask questions because you fit the description of a suspect who committed a robbery. All of a sudden you get violently ripped off your bike and thrown to the ground.


While you’re on the ground police officers beat you nearly to death, you did nothing but vaguely fit the description of someone, no evidence at all?  Last October in LA, 22-year-old Clinton Alfred Jr. went through this senseless and painful ordeal. Clinton was delivered what is being called a horrific beating from numerous officers in the LAPD.

Officer Richard Garcia 34, had his officers hold Clinton down while he kicked him in the head numerous times, shocked him with a stun gun and beat Clinton until he was unconscious.  The video is so violent that the LAPD will not even release it to the public. Garcia’s kicks were compared to a football player kicking a field goal.

Police Chief Charlie Beck said “any officer that abuses the public’s trust is not welcome in the LAPD.” Yes, the officers have been suspended but have not been fired. Garcia is charged with felony assault, without the video footage Garcia may have gotten away with his act of cruelty.

According to Clinton he was tased in his back “until I flopped like a dead fish,” and “I felt that I was going to die.” Hopefully justice will be served in this clear cut case of abuse.