Will President Obama Proclaim May 15th To 21st As Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Week In Support Of A Movement to End Gun & Gang Violence, Black on Black Crime and Improve Relations Between The Police and Community?

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As we approach another long hot summer a period when gun violence spikes it is important for the entire nation to get proactive, especially the youth and young adults, when it comes to ending Gun & Gang Violence and Black on Black Crime while also improving relations between the Police and Community.  As video cameras continue to record Blacks being killed by Police all over the country this nation is in trouble because there seems to be no solution being presented by our political and community leaders to restore the people’s trust in our great, but yet failing democracy.  There are four things that are essential to get us on the right track and they are the following:



First we must have a real “Conversation on Race” to clear the air about slavery and finally start the healing process between the children of former slaves and slave masters.  The way it stands right now there are those in power that have no respect for Blacks and minorities and display their hate through murder, mayhem, disrespect, economic injustices and abuse.



Second we have to reform our criminal justice system because being the #1 incarcerator in the world is not a good title for America and sets a bad example for other nations who have grown to respect our democracy.  Many are now saying that we must reverse the Crime Bill signed by Former President Bill Clinton and focus on prevention, alternatives to incarceration, more treatment for substance abuse and mental illness, inmate education, training and re-entry preparation.


Third we need the private sector to invest more resources in poor and disadvantaged communities to give those that have little hope a chance to achieve the American Dream.  When the government has no money to fix a broken system, but yet continues to invest in the “Failed War on Drugs,” over-policing and a failed correctional system with a recidivism rate of 67%, then the private sector, who receives many government benefits must step up to the plate to invest in communities they service.  The Rich & Famous have more than enough resources to uplift any community so citizens will not have to riot, loot and destroy their neighborhood.  There is no excuse for rioting, but on the other hand it’s just as wrong to sit back and allow conditions of poverty, bad schools, police corruption, drugs, gun and gang violence to continue without introducing a viable solution to the problem, or punishing those sworn to uphold the law.  At the end of the day “I am my Brothers Keeper” and by joining the President’s “My Brothers Keeper” initiative we can start the healing process needed to fix a broken nation.  According to the Bible, the first recorded murder in history was by Cain who slew his brother Able. When God asked Cain, where Able his brother was?  He sarcastically said, “I’m I My Brothers Keep”?  Well that was the wrong answer and he was banned from the Garden of Eden.  You see God was making a statement to Cain and the world that “You are your Brothers Keeper” and when you don’t follow the law, you are banned from the system.



The fourth and final thing we must do is promote more Cultural & Spiritual Empowerment to our younger generation because even though we are a God Fearing Nation most of us have no clue as to why “In God We trust” was placed on our currency, is displayed in our courts and on government buildings.   Do we really “Trust in God,” or was that famous quote just a punch line created by our Founding Fathers with no significant meaning?  Money makes the world go round and because we Trust in God or “In God We Trust”, America has a become the greatest nation on earth.  But if we forget about the less fortunate we can loose the blessings of the Almighty and experience his wrath.  The “Giving Pledge” is an initiative launched by Bill & Malinda Gates, along with Warren Buffet and is supported by 128 Billionaires who understand the need to invest in the less fortunate and are the corporate role models we need to help America continue to be the greatest country on earth.

Gates, Warren


Through the Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Proclamation we can galvanize the Hip-Hop Community, Celebrities, Professional Athletes, Youth, Community, Corporate and Religious leaders to address each of the four initiatives we believe can further help make America a safer and better place to live.  We know this will take time, but the longer we wait and debate the more lives we lose and that is no longer an option for law-abiding citizens who are ready to be proactive and practice a level of social responsibility like never before.  It is our hope that Senator Charles Schumer, Congressman Gregory Meeks, Congressman Charles Rangel and the entire Congressional Black Caucus will do all they can to take us one step closer to achieving our public safety initiative, as well as securing he President’s support.  All we need is a little help from the Leader of the Free World, so it is our hope that President Obama will also join us in our efforts to be “Our Brother & Sister’s Keeper.”

Congressman Charles Rangel

Congressman Charles Rangel

Congressman Greg Meeks

Congressman Greg Meeks

Senator Charles Schumer

Senator Charles Schumer


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Posted by Charles Fisher and Randy Fisher (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram @HHSYC).