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Saturday’s in Nepal are like Sunday’s in America, it’s their day of worship,  a special day for the people of Nepal.  Only 1 week removed from the worst earthquake the country has seen in 80 years.  Today people will gather at their respective Temples and pray for themselves and for their people, to receive the food, water, shelter, med supplies, clothes, and love they all need.

To give you an idea of the type of destruction we are talking about here in the village of Pauwathok 85 homes stood standing before the quake now all but a hand full remain.  A 71 year old Badri woman told reporters that “Nobody has come here to help us. No Government, no police, no aid.”  “We have no homes, no place to live anymore. We are sleeping outside.”


People are starting to stagger back to bit of normalcy now street vendors are setting, city works are back cleaning up the streets, a week after over 6,500 lost their lives to a monstrous 7.8 earthquake.

14,025 people have been reported injured, over 20,000 have passed away or been hurt by one horrific event.  Our thoughts and prayers at The Source go out to everyone affected by the quake.  Stay resilient Nepal things will get better, people do care and are coming to help.

Watch the video above and below and scope the pictures in the gallery to get a full understanding of what Nepal is actually going through.


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