Hersource | 7 Reasons We Love Sevyn Streeter

3. Transparency
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Sevyn has always been very open about sexuality and connecting it to her music. On a recent interview with The Breakfast Club the “Next” singer explained that there’s never a reason you should say NO to your significant other.

“I think when you commit to somebody, and you take them off the market, right, I think it is your job as a woman or as a man to—I don’t think you should ever say no,”

Regardless of some of the backlash the artist would received from the statement after, she stands by her word. Sex is a natural part of every adult’s life, and discussing it openly is what makes Streeter a very interesting artist to watch. In addition to love making, the singer has been very honest about her past relationships, cheating on her part, and her current personal life. Fans feed off of transparency and Sevyn Streeter definitely doesn’t sugar coat.