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Artwork by: Profit / IG – @igetprofit /

Today we’re paying homage to the Queen Bee, Lil Kim.  Why? Well sh*t, just because….

It’s Sunday  folks, this is one of our favorite, classic, flashback records, showing love to a woman who paved the way for many in hip-hop.  What Kim accomplished in her time will forever be respected.  She was the first to do it.  The first female to incorporate her sexuality, hood mentality, and hustle into rap.  Let’s be real, when she came on the scene with Biggie, it categorically changed the game.  At the time, female rappers were different, on some other ish, and definitely not as fearless as her.  It takes a lot to exhibit your true self to the public, and Kim certainly said and did things many of us were afraid to say, do, or even admit (lol).


By now, the majority of us have seen the Notorious movie, and there’s been several controversial situations where Kim has spoken about how her character was portrayed.  She wasn’t thrilled, and felt like her role was inaccurate , and her relationship with Biggie was way different than what the movie displayed.  Some found truth in the things she disagreed on, others felt she was delusional.  In VH1’s Driven (Behind The Scenes), you’ll get a closer look at the life of Lil Kim and what you didn’t see in Notorious.

Check it out here and give us your thoughts.

The Queen Bee is indeed often imitated, but never duplicated…

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1 Comment

  • Hugo Cals says:

    Great article! I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and became a fan of the Queen Bee after the “Notorious” movie. I wish I could attend one of her performances.