New mom-of-four Kimora Lee Simmons introduced her son Wolfe via Instagram on Friday.

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“#WolfeLee is finally here!,” the model-entrepreneur shared. “After an all natural, intimate, beautiful, long birth! He’s everything we thought he would be and MORE! I am so grateful to my amazing husband for all of his support and love through it all. He never left my side! It wasn’t easy, but we did it!”

Kimora also went on to talk about her natural birth.


“Thank you also to my special ‘nurse Maureen’ and team that helped get this 11 pounder OUT of me! #Whoa #Wolfe #BabyWolfe #NaturalBirth #SkinToSkin #MotherOfFour,” she captioned the image with her sweet son.

Although she has given birth three times already, she said this was by far the most difficult.

“My fourth delivery was definitely the most challenging—all natural and with no drugs!” the mommy mogul, tells People. “It really shows that moms-to-be have the power to deliver any way they choose. Choice is what’s most important for women–across the board.”


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