Days after his team’s first round exit, D-Lillard heads back to college to get the one thing that really matters

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Although his team didn’t quite live up to the expectations that were placed on them going into the 2015 playoffs, Damian Lillard went back to college to get the one thing he promised his mother he would get before bouncing to the league. His college degree. In a span of a couple days after his team was eliminated from the playoffs, Damian Lillard returned to the haven where he honed his skills for the league and got a free education in Weber State.


Fulfilling a promise he set not only for himself but also his mother, the point guard continued to take classes online while he was in the league and managed to earn a degree in Professional Sales. He gave a short speech at his graduation in the clip above. Check it out.

Education is always first and Damian understands that dynamic. Talk sports, Hip Hop culture and everything thing in between with Drew on twitter @AndrewSomuah