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5. Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry
The best rivalry in baseball is back at it again. A-Rod ties Willie Mays for 4th all time on the career home run list. Even though the Yanks swept the Red Sox, we all miss the good ol days….when both teams were actually the talk of Major League Baseball year in and year out. Real die hard Yankee/Red Sox fans lived for the moments when Pedro thinks it’s cool to throw down Don Zimmer in their classic team fight. Or, how about Roger Clemens throwing a fastball at Manny Ramirez. Talk about thugging on the field the Big Bambino started at. That’s what you call a REAL rivalry.

As what some may call the most amazing sports weekend in recent memory, moments like what we experienced from Thursday-Sunday are what fans such as myself have been dying for. The suspense of the last play, the thrill of a blockbuster fight, the beginning of a new era are just prime examples of why sports is just a huge deal in American and Hip-Hop culture today. We may never see anything like this again but like Jersey’s own Joe Budden said on the lyrical gauntlet that featured Jay-Z entitled Pump It Up (Remix)….Success is wrapped up, checks just rack up. Each performance, superstars become a legend while another comma is being added to their bankroll. You gotta love it.


-Omari White

Follow Omari on Twitter as he talks about music, life and sports (@SmooveGuyO)