Cinco de Mayo, aka “Drinko de Mayo,” is a Mexican holiday with a rich history; not just a day to have the club going up on a Tuesday.  So, here are some things you can do to celebrate, besides getting white-girl wasted.

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Cinco de Mayo, which is usually known as being a drinking holiday, is actually a day that commemorates the Mexican Army’s triumph over the French in a battle on May 5th, 1862. The Mexican Army was greatly outnumbered at the time, and the French Army had not lost a battle in more than fifty years.

So….here are some things you can do to celebrate.  Bonus:  You won’t go to work with a hangover the next day.


1. Order Mexican Cuisine – Avoid chains like Taco Bell. Find a place that is more authentic, and not an Americanized version like Tex Mex. For instance, did you know that nachos are something people don’t really eat in Mexico? Also, they don’t use cheddar cheese in tacos or tostadas. If you’re celebrating by eating Mexican food on this holiday, then at least do it right.

2. Listen To Some Mexican Music – Mexican music has much more to it than mariachi. Tejano, banda, and Mexican cumbia, are some that will probably be new to you, and will be fun to dance to. It’s as simple as going on YouTube, so don’t be lazy.

3. Make Mexican Decorations – Try out making things, like a pinata. These are fun for kids and adults! Who doesn’t love to beat sh*t with a bat?  Use the colors from the Mexican flag, which are green, red, and white. Try doing it for your clothing, too. You could also buy or make maracas, and just shake them for fun. Finally, go pick up a sombrero. You can get them at almost any costume shop.

Whatever you do, just have some fun!  Oh, and don’t get too drunk.